Nature at its best
Kisdon Sculpture
What does Kisdon Sculpture do?
Kisdon Sculpture provides you with wood, resin, textile or plaster sculptures. 
  * They are hand made in Cambridgeshire England and are all unique abstract art. 
  * No one else will own an identical piece to yours 'nature would not allow it'. 
  * All piece of sculpture contain Yvonne Peace's trade mark on them.   

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Are any of the Sculpture for sale?
Sculptures available to purchase can be found under the sculptures for sale.
*  Sculptures can be bought at craft fairs and exhibitions
*  You can reserve any sculpture by calling me on 07866 724108 or 01354 677011.
  *  Or you can e-mail me at yvonne@kisdonsculpture.com.
  * The sculptures are unique and all homemade in England by Yvonne Peace.
* The wood has been sourced from within the United Kingdom. 
  * Sculptures are in abstract and made from;
                                                             - Weathered wood
- Wood
- Polyester resin
- Plaster
Wood is from sustainable sources and has been fully treated with a
                                                                                                5 star treatment.          
   * Bases are from wood which has been recycled.
   * All the work is handcrafted in Cambridgeshire in the United Kingdom.
Is the Sculpture suitable for indoors/outdoors?
Sculptures can be made suitable for outdoor use.
Most sculptures are for interior use and have been finished for indoor use.
* Sculpture suitable for outdoors will feature under the Garden tab and have been
      treated to withstand the British weather. 
  * Kisdon Sculpture also make sculptures that suit the office environment.
Who would I give the sculpture to?
Kisdon sculpture is ideal for those who appreciate the testure, grain and colours found in wood.
  * Nature lovers who appreciate the twists and turns in trees, see the jewellery holders suitable for either him or her!
  * Gifts can be bought from Yvonne Peace, Kisdon Sculpture, they are ideal gifts for those who, think they, have everything!
  * Natural abstract figurative sculptures, or the resin sculptures are all great for 'golf' or 'football' fanatics birthday or Christmas gifts, or just great for that unique 'thank you' and 'I love you' gift. 
  * Consult Kisdon Sculpture when you need that lovely anniversary or wedding gift. 
  * All of Kisdon sculptures can be personalised with a specially engraved message ensuring your gift will be packed full of memories.
What My Customers Say!
  * 'They are superb pieces'
* 'Absolutely delighted with them'
* 'It gives me great pleasure'
  * 'Love it when my visitors see your sculpture it is always a great talking point'
* 'We love your work!'
Is Yvonne Peace a member of any organisation?
I have joined an art group called Fenvac.  The Fenvac members have a blog to enable everyone to keep in touch, they also meet for sketching days and they are a lovely group.  I am also working on a series of Trophies that are environmentally friendly.
Weathered Wood
Preening birds
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